AFTAID is being transferred to UK Community Foundations, who will continue to make grants and receive funds. UKCF is the national membership body for the 46 Community Foundations in the UK. We manage national programmes of community funding through our network of Community Foundations, which cover every postcode in the UK. We have a passionate commitment to supporting local organisations which have an impact on grassroots activity. We recognise the need for small organisations to be able to access funding to help them deliver essential services to those communities furthest from support.

If you currently make a regular donation to Aftaid, you will need to cancel your direct debit.

UKCF will take over all activity by 15th May 2019, and will only be accepting legacy payments from this date. No further applications will be taken at this point until the new fund has been set up at UKCF.

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The History of Aftaid

Brian realised his vision to help a particularly vulnerable section of our communities. Over 30 years of relief has become his ongoing legacy

When the founder, the late Brian St Clair Burke, realised in 1982 that there was a surprisingly large number of elderly people in desperate need and that they were not able to obtain certain kinds of assistance through the 'safety net' of Social Services he decided to do what he could to help.

He had no idea that over 30 years later the applications to the charity he started would have increased to the level we currently receive. He would still be delighted with the successes we have achieved and certainly would wish that we continue to provide this assistance to those in such vital need.

Modest beginnings

The original charity was Aid for the Aged and it quickly grew, subsequently merging with Aged in Distress another charity with very similar objectives. The combined organisations were completely restructured so that overheads were kept to the barest minimum to ensure that the maximum amount possible of monies generously donated got directed to where they are intended - to those in vital financial need. The name became Aid for the Aged in Distress.

Brian had created a strong and purposeful charity yet still hoped that social circumstances would evolve to eliminate the need for its existance. When Brian died, the Board of Trustees met to review the best course of action for the future. They decided the charity would continue as long as a need existed. Another restructuring exercise took place and Aid for the Aged in Distress became more widely addressed as AFTAID - a leaner, largely voluntary organisation, operating on minimised costs and maximum resources dedicated to help the needs of elderly people in financial distress.

Today AFTAID - Aid for the Aged in Distress - is able to help many more people.

For over 30 years your donations, through our grants, have enabled financially challenged, often distressed elderly people continue to live independently in the familiar surroundings of their lifelong homes, to live with dignity and continue to play a part in their community.

Maximum benefit

Individual grants have been used to buy essential items such as a cooker, washing machine, or other white goods, purchase new, clean bedding, or riser chair etc. We have often also helped with part of the cost for more expensive items such as a walk-in shower, a stair lift or a mobility scooter in association with an individual or organisation who cannot manage the whole amount.

AFTAID grants have been approved for essential and emergency home repairs. Another important provision we have been able to make has been grants to enable the carer of an elderly person, often elderly themselves, to take a well earned respite break.

Applications always have and always will be, welcomed from the Social Services, other charities and caring bodies as well as families and the individuals themselves. For over 30 years we have ensured that genuine suffering among older people is addressed wherever possible and with your help we will continue to do so.

Thank you to all our supporters during these years, who we still totally rely on. Without your support, donations or legacies none of this would have been possible.

Please continue to help us to help them - as Brian would say... FORGET THEM NOT.

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